Music Theory and Ear Training:
Secrets to Great Guitar Playing!
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Not sure where to start? Visit our Getting Started page. is an online collection of video games that does what Guitar Hero doesn't. It can teach you how to play guitar... Premier Guitar Magazine


What seprates the average guitar player from the professional? Ear Training and Music Theory! Whether you are just starting or have been playing for decades, you can improve your ears and knowledge with our fun approach. was created by guitarist William Wilson to help other guitar players learn music theory and ear training in a fun way. William has an extensive background in guitar education, game develpoment, recording, guitar performance, Classical Guitar sheet music, and more.

The essence of education is repetition. makes this repetition fun. Sign up for a free trial today. You'll have access to all the games as well as our courses (Guitar Notes,Music Theory Starter, and Developing a Practice Routine), webinars, and competitions.

Are these games just for kids?

No. Although many of the games are colorful and fun, many are more serious in tone and designed for adults. Anyone who wants to learn guitar can benefit from the games. Interestingly many of the more "kiddie" games are played by adults looking for a different way to learn.

Are the games for beginners or advanced players?

Both! (And every one in between) Many of the games are designed for the total beginner, like Chord Mines or Note Fish. Others are for fairly advanced players, like our Super Scale Trainer or the Melody Game. Within every game there are settings that control the difficulty of the game. So a beginning player might play Fret Tester to learn the notes in the first position, while an advanced player uses it to master the ninth.