How Can I Help You?

Getting Started

I just started playing the guitar

If you never played the guitar before I have two suggestions for you.

  1. Play Woody Says. You don’t need to know any chords or notes to play. It’s a musical copycat game where a song is played on the guitar and each note lights up as it’s played. You simply copy what you hear and see. In the process you develop a strong connection between the sound of a note and it’s location on the guitar. Try it, it really works!
  2. Play Chord Mines. Chords are a great first step in learning. Go to the Chord Mine help page, download our free Chord chart, read the chart instructions, and try playing the chords on your guitar. Then play Chord Mines to help you memorize the chords.

I play guitar, but can’t read music

Birds Of Fretopia
  1. Take our Guitar Notes Course (It’s free) and covers the names of the notes on the guitar and music notation.
  2. Play some note games: Note Squish, Note Fish, and Birds of Fretopia.
  3. Get serious with our fretboard trainer, Fret Tester. Fret Tester tracks you progress and shows how well you know the notes on the fretboard. Play over and over until you achieve mastery!

I can read music a little, but want to learn the notes in the higher position

  1. Start with Learn the Guitar Neck in 10 Easy Lessons.
  2. Follow up with a steady diet of Fret Tester.

I want to learn scales on the guitar

Super Scale Trainer
  1. Take our free Simple Scale System course.
  2. Check out our series of Videos on the CAGED system.
  3. Practice with our Super Scale Trainer.

I want to learn music theory on the guitar

  1. Learn Key Signatures with Key Hunt
  2. Practice naming the notes in scales, chords, and intervals with Super Scale Trainer in “Note Name” mode.
  3. Get real fast at naming the notes in chords, scales, and intervals with Music Theory Blocks.
  4. Also, you might check out our Music Theory Calculator which is a great theory reference.

I want to do some ear training on guitar

  1. Try playing Woody Says in Blind Fold mode
  2. Fill out our interval worksheet and play Ear Tester (instructions here).
  3. Also play Ear Tester with chords.
  4. Do some melodic dictation with The Melody Game.

My rhythm stinks, can you help?

  1. Yes! Check out Super Rhythm Trainer, it's a great tool for developing your rhythm skills.

I Fret Testerplay bass, have anything for me?

Of course!

  1. Fret Tester now has both 4 and 5 string bass available.
  2. Super Scale Trainer (in note name mode), Super Rhythm Trainer, Ear Tester, Key Hunt, and Music Theory Blocks would be great for bass players too!

My playing isn’t going anywhere, any suggestions?

  1. Read our Secrets to Successful Practice Report
  2. Use our Online Practice Schedule to help you focus and achieve your goals.

I’m bored.

Guitar Trivia Race
  1. Although possibly the worst game ever written, our Tab Warrior can be quite addicting.
  2. Test your knowledge of guitar trivia with our Guitar Trivia Race.