Tips on Birds of Fretopia

The competition is off to a great start! We have Michael Moore out front with an amazing 1196. I came up with a few tips on how to maximize scores. Good luck!

  1. Get more points per click. By changing the range in settings and using a larger section of the fretboard you will get more points for every bird.
  2. Learn the fretboard. If you are going to use the whole fretboard, you better know it well. Try our guitar notes mini-course and our Learn the Guitar Neck in 10 Easy Lessons (members only).
  3. Don’t waste the Wilds and UFOs. When you see a wild or UFO don’t click it right away. First check to see if the correct answer is already somewhere on the page. Hit that bird, then move right away to the wild / UFO to maximize points.

If you have some other great ideas, let us know! And remember, be careful, you might learn something.

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