Major Scales in CAGED

Following up on our CAGED system for the guitar video, I am pleased to announce a new video exploring the CAGED system and major scales. This video deals with the second part of using the CAGED system, building a scale on top of a CAGED pattern. It does not cover the first part of the system, finding the location of CAGED patterns.

The best way to learn scales in the CAGED system is with baby steps. Learn one pattern at a time and learn it well. Build up from the triad (which is usally the CAGED pattern plus one or two notes) to the scale by adding one note at a time. When you practice the scale don’t just play it up and down, play it backwards, skip notes and use patterns, etc. Watch the following video for more ideas…

And part II…

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  1. angelo marino says:

    The C chaged shape is the first major scale shape, right? If i start the scale on a g root ( 6th string), it is a g major chord? How can one learn what chords are within this shape? Can one use the scale trainer to do this? Also, what minor or major pentatonic scales can you play at a c shaped major scale? Is it the c minor pentatonic and __ major?

    What is the best way to intergrate the major scale with the pentatonic scales and chords.

  2. Woody says:

    Yes, the C shape is the first major scale shape. When you say start the scale on a g root, do you mean start the C major scale on the note “G”? In that case you would be playing the G Mixolydian mode.
    The CAGED system is usually approached as a relationship between one chord and one scale, which is the beauty of the system. Although there are of course other chords contained within the scales, they’re usually thought of in regards to their own pattern.
    The C shaped major scale pattern contains the notes to both a major and minor pentatonic. For instance if you where playing in the key of F, using the C shape (it would be at the 5th fret) it contains the notes for F major pentatonic as well as D minor pentatonic. I find the best way to integrate major scales with pentatonics is to play the parallel major (F major pentatonic and F major) or parallel minor (D minor pentatoni and D minor)
    In Super Scale Trainer I would choose the follow CAGED mode and concentrate on one CAGED shape at a time. I would select the major, major pentaonic, major 7 arpeggio, etc. and get used to the similarities and differences between those. Then I would move on to the Aeolian mode (Natural Minor), minor pentatnoic, and minor 7 arpeggios. Again staying within one CAGED shape but in various places on the neck.
    Hope that helps!

  3. angelo marino says:

    Thank you. I will try your suggestion and i am sure i will have more quetions.

  4. Angelo Marino says:

    How do I use any combination of the games to help me learn the g minor pentatonic scale across the fret boad with all the appropriate chords also. That is, I know the scales fairly well, but I have problems knowing the right chords and where they are. I would like to use the games to set up a practice series with the games.

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