Guitar players are people of routine. It comes with the territory. Mastery of music requires consistent repetition. With this in mind we added “shortcuts” to our member sidebar. “Shortcuts” are links to the games / pages you decide are most important. You create them by clicking on “Create Shortcut”, and you can organize them by clicking on “Manage Account.” (Make sure you are logged in ot you won’t see any of this!)

Here’s one idea for you: Put together a GuitarGames routine. For instance 5 minutes of Note Squish, followed by 5 minutes of Birds of Fretopia, followed by 10 minutes of Fret Tester. Put each of them in a row on the sidebar, and you have a super fast practice routine that’s easy to access, remember, etc. Do this for two weeks and you will see huge progress in your music reading abilities. Have fun!

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