Simple Scale System Released! announces the release of a revolutionary approach to learning scales on the guitar: The Simple Scale System. All scales and arpeggios are patterns of notes that can be broken down into small simple patterns. Rather than relying on large scale charts, the Simple Scale System uses only two small basic scale patterns over and over.

Super Scale System - Screen Shot

Super Scale System - Screen Shot

Most guitar scale systems use at least five scale patterns covering all six strings. Multiply this by ten or twenty scale types (e.g. major, minor, pentatonic, mixolydian, Dominant 7s, Major 7s, etc.) and a player is left with a monumental task. By comparison the Simple Scale System uses only two patterns, which only cover three or four strings. This reduces the number and size of patterns by about 75%!

The Simple Scale System is able to reduce the number of patterns by a new approach to learning scales. The guitar’s tuning is “fixed” to an equal tuning during the early phases of learning. This allows all scale patterns to be moved anywhere on the fretboard without alteration. Large scales can then be built easily from small repeating scale patterns. Students are taught to adjust these patterns to fit standard tuning and the process is complete.

A tutorial on how to use the system is available free in the courses section of

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