Second Assignment for Ear Training Webinar

Interval Worksheet

Let’s add some more intervals to the ones we covered in the webinar! First make sure you have a copy of the interval worksheet printed out. You can download it here. This week let’s add the perfect fourth, tritone, perfect fifth, and minor sixth. Here’s what to do:

1) Play the interval on your guitar (An example of each interval is shown on the interval worksheet).

2) Describe the interval

  • Poetic: sounds harsh, sad, happy, dreamy, etc.
  • Relate: sounds like the beginning of a song- happy birthday, jaws, Star Wars, etc.

3) Share: Feel free to share what you hear in the comments. For a bonus see if you can hear the Stars Wars theme and Here comes the Bride in the new intervals (P4, tritone, P5, m6). I use both of those to this day.

After completing the interval worksheet for the Perfect 4th, Tritone, Perfect 5th, and Minor 6th play Ear Tester using just these intervals. Can you reach 90% accuracy or above? How about with all the intervals we have covered so far?

Next week one more assignment, and then I’ll be scheduling the second webinar, probably around Nov. 19th, so we can get it in before Thanksgiving. We’ll cover the theory side of things. I’m looking forward to it, hope you are too!

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