Finish Up Your Intervals!

Interval Worksheet

Time to finish up all the intervals First make sure you have a copy of the interval worksheet printed out. You can download it here. This week let’s add the remaining intervals: Major 6th, Minor 7th, Major 7th, and the octave. Here’s what to do:

1) Play the interval on your guitar (An example of each interval is shown on the interval worksheet).

2) Describe the interval

  • Poetic: sounds harsh, sad, happy, dreamy, etc.
  • Relate: sounds like the beginning of a song- My Bonnie, Jaws, Star Wars, etc.

3) Share: Feel free to share what you hear in the comments. Last week we had some examples from YouTube which I thought was helpful.

After completing the interval worksheet for Maj 6, min 7, Maj 7, and the
octave (Perfect 8th) play Ear Tester using just these intervals. Can you reach 90% accuracy or above? How about with all the intervals we have covered so far? Listen for distance. Ask yourself if the notes sound close together or far apart. This will help eliminate certain choices.

Next week signups for the Theory webinar will open, I  hope you can make it!

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