Tab Warrior: Journey to Fretopia Released!

IFRAME Embed for Youtube

About 8 years ago I wrote my first video game for flash. It was a space invaders style game called Tab Warrior. Really I wrote it just to learn how to write a game, but rather than the usual spaceship I decided to use a guitar shaped ship (since I was planning on writing guitar games, why not?) The enemies I made shaped like picks and I added the evil Tab Monster!

Fast forward to 2012 and I’ve written about 20 games both for the web and iPhone. When thinking about creating a new fretboard game I decided to write my first sequel: Tab Warrior: Journey to Fretopia. Unlike the original, Journey to Fretopia truly is a journey. It teaches you as you play. Many of the games on this site quiz you, but Tab Warrior: Journey to Fretopia teaches. It assumes you know nothing about music theory, and ┬átakes you on a journey to learn all the notes on the guitar neck. Hope its as fun as the original, and infinitely more educational! Boldly go where no guitar player has gone before…read music!

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