Topping the Charts

Drum roll please… Staying number one on the charts for the most played game on is Birds of Fretopia. Guitar Flash Cards also held its place at second. Fret Tester moved up a notch to third place, while Woody Says (Ear Training) fell two places to number five. New on the top five is the Super Scale Trainer which covers the fretboard as well as theory. Our recent video on developing speed using the super scale trainer might have contributed to the move up. Chord Mines fell off the chart to sixth place.

Why does any of this matter? Well decides its next project based on what people show an interest in. So comments as well as game popularity play a large roll in what direction the site takes. Our current direction is putting learning first, with a little fun on the side. Also it seems most people are interested in mastering the fretboard, so we’ll continue to devlop this area. Thanks for playing and for all the emails we receive!

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