CAGED Worksheets

I put together some worksheets as a follow up to the CAGED videos from 2 weeks ago. Click Here to download the four page worksheet and answer key. They work on a basic understanding of the first step in using the CAGED system, namely finding the right CAGED shape for a specific area of the guitar.

CAGED System Worksheet

CAGED System Worksheet

For more on the second step of using the CAGED system, visit our Super Scale Trainer. There you can tie together arpeggio / scale patterns with CAGED shapes. For example a great first step towards mastering the CAGED system is learning to play all major arpeggios in all 12 keys. By using the CAGED system all 12 keys simplify down to 5 unique patterns. And those 5 patterns all tie in to the CAGED shapes, so it’s really not as much work as it sounds. More on this soon..

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