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Nice games, thanks for sharing with our members! I think guitarists of all ages who are game freaks will really enjoy these; and certainly kids. Could be good motivation for learning the staff and the fretboard more quickly. The more tools like this that a teacher can have to inspire a student, the better! Good work. Martha Masters
Executive VP and GM,
Guitar Foundation of America

Birds of Fretopia is a game that will help guitarists find notes on the guitar neck and master the guitar fretboard. Whether you are looking to improve your sight reading and learn the notes in the higher positions or just starting out learning the notes in the first position Birds of Fretopia can help.

Note Locations

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Finding notes on the guitar (especially in the higher positions) takes much repetition and patience. Birds of Fretopia makes this repetition fun!

Now as to where the notes are located, has developed several charts to assist you. Click on the pictures below for the pdf Fretboard Charts to use while first using the game. The first shows the notes location in standard notation, the second shows note names and standard notation for the first position, and the third fretboard chart shows only the note names, t. If you are unfamiliar with standard notation you can simply use the first chart, and when your skills increase graduate to using the second chart so as to increase your knowledge of music notation. Also the first chart only shows natural notes, no sharps or flats, since the game only uses natural notes.

Guitar Fretboard Chart 2 Guitar Fretboard Chart including higher positions

The Game

Guitar Fretboard Game

Your mission: Capture the alien birds that are tagged for the intergalatic guitar show. Oh yeah, and master the fretboard.

First the bird to capture is indicated on the fretboard display:

Guitar Fretboard indicates Note Name

Then move your target with the mouse:

Target for Guitar Fretboard Game

Aim at the bird with the letter that corresponds to the fretboard display and zap them to capture. There are three types of birds:

Guitar Fretboard Game Bird
Guitar Fretboard Game Bird
Guitar Fretboard Game Bird

If you zap the correct bird you get points and extra time on the timer.

Guitar Fretboard Game Timer

If you zap the wrong bird then you lose points and time (not good). After each correct answer a new note will be shown on the fretboard.

If you see a "Wild" or a UFO zap them! It will count the same as a correct answer.

Guitar Fretboard Game Bird Wild Guitar Fretboard Game UFO

High Scores

If your score is high enough you might make it on the top five and be listed at the end of the game.


The Settings page allows you to pinpoint an area of the guitar to work on. This is handy if you are having trouble with the notes in only one area, or are just learning and only know the notes on the first few strings. You can chose strings one through six or any combination you desire. You can also select a range of frets to use anywhere from the whole fret board to one position to one fret.


Points are awarded depending on the settings you choose. The more strings you choose and the higher the position you select, the more points you get per zap. Afterall the high positions of the guitar neck are harder to learn, so they merit a few extra points.


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This is nice for learning the notes on the fretboard, but it would be nice to know what your score was after the game is over. (Note-Feature added March 2011)David Morrison
Albany, NY USA

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