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Learn Guitar Chords - Chord Chart Provided

Chord Mines is an arcade style game that will teach you basic guitar chords. It is a great supplement to traditional guitar lessons and a good first stop when you want to learn to play guitar.

The Chords

Learning chords is an important part of every guitarist's education. The process of learning chords is fairly simple: learn to read a chord chart, memorize the chords, play them on the guitar. Chord Mines is primarily focused on step two of this process. We will deal with step one below. Step three is up to you!

Reading a chord chart is fairly easy. The chart is a grid of the strings and frets (those metal things on the guitar neck). The one trick is that the vertical lines are the strings and the horizontal are the frets as shown here:

In this example we also see several circles, some empty and some filled in gray. The circles that are filled represent your fingers. In the example above that means you have three fingers down, one finger on the fifth string second fret, one finger on fourth string second fret, and one finger on third string first fret. (Hey this sounds like I sunk your battleship). The open circles mean that that string should be included in the strum (the right hand should strum all six strings) If a string has neither circle then the right hand should not include that string in the one's strummed. Below is an image of our chord chart which includes all the chords you will need to know to play Chord Mines. Click on it to download.

Note Chart PDF

The Game

Guitar Chord Game

In the game you are a walking guitar:

Woody the Walking Guitar

You are walking along a mine field that just happens to look like a guitar. In the top corner of the game secret agents have placed a chord symbol, which is actually secret code telling you which parts of the mine field are safe. Your job is to place little flags on all those spots. In other words you are to put flags where you would put your fingers to make the given chord. So if the chord is "E" then you should put a flag on the sixth string open, fifth string second fret, fourth string second fret, third string first fret, and the first and second strings open. (The same place as the circles are on a chord chart.) And yes you do have to put flags on the open strings.

You can move around using the arrow keys on your key board, when you want to place a flag press space bar and you will plant a flag like this:


Put a flag in the right place and you get a point, finish the chord and you get a big bonus! Put a flag in the wrong spot and you set off a mine (not good). Set off a mine and you lose a life. Lose three lives and the game is over. But, every time you get 250 points you get a free life (good).

Also, if you get enough points, watch out...

First along comes the spider:


Get to close to the spider and he will bite you (also not good).

Then comes the boulders:


These will squish you (really not good).

High Scores

If you get enough points you might find yourself with a high score. After the game is through you will be asked if you would like your name listed for the world to see. (show off)


Need to take a break? Hit pause and you have five minutes to waste. But not a second more or the spider will eat you and the boulders run you over. We show no mercy!


The settings page allows you to choose between three levels of difficulty. The easy level includes chords that are easier to play and remember, the difficult level includes the dreaded "F" and "B7". You can also choose to include easy, medium, and difficult chords, the more you include the higher your score.


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