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Guitar Flash Cards

It's like flash cards, only smarter. There is nothing quite like good old flash cards to learn something quickly. Our online flash cards will do just that. You can run over any part of the guitar neck you would like for as long as you like and we'll keep score. What's even cooler is that with membership Guitar Flash Cards actually learns your strengths and weaknesses and emphasizes the parts of the neck that need the most work! Add to this fretboard progress reports and you have one powerful learning tool.

The Game

Guitar Flash Cards Scene

Playing Guitar Flash Cards is easy. Figure out the name of the note shown by the red dot, and click on the correct card below. If you miss one, a "Show Answer" button appears in the lower right hand corner.


Guitar Flash Cards Settings

There are a number of options available on the settings page. You can choose a range of frets, and any combination of strings you would like. The Settings page allows you to turn on sharps or flats, or even to eliminate natural notes and only use sharps and flats. Intelliquiz mode, where Guitar Flash Cards learns what areas of the neck need the most work, can be selected to make a small or large influence on the game. And finally reports and sounds can be turned off.


Guitar Flash Cards' Reports

Guitar Flash Cards keeps track of your progress and shows it on the Reports page. Red is good, and blue means that fret needs work. If nothing shows up, keep playing as it takes Guitar Flash Cards a few minutes to figure out how you are doing.


Guitar Flash Cards gives you points every time you get something correct. It takes away points every time you miss something or click on "Show Answer." The amount of points is determined based on how difficult you set the game. If you get a high score make sure to submit your score for the entire world to see! Guitar-world domination starts here.

Have Fun!

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This game has taught me so much! I have always struggled with picking the notes out on the fretboard, but this game is my saving grace! I try to play it every day, and I've gotten a ton better than when I first started out. (Haha, thank God!!) Thanks for providing such an awesome learning tool!!!! 8D Ariana Faz
New Jersey, USA

I've put off learning all the notes on the fretboard for years. I could figure them out, but it took a while. I've found playing this game over just the last few days has given me the ability to name almost instantaneously all the notes over all twelve frets. Great. Thanks. I'll definitely continue to come back to it every few days, interspersed with naming the notes out loud, with my guitar in my hands.

One bit of feedback for a possible improvement: could you make it so that when you click on the correct answer, the appropriate pitch is played. I found this kind of aural reinforcement really helpful when using the Super Scale Trainer, and I could see a real bonus in using that here. Karl
Mullumbimby, New South Wales, Australia

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