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Fret Tester: Online Fretboard Trainer Fretboard Trainer for Guitar, Bass, and Mandolin
Four Games: Name Note, Find Note, Notation, Notes on Staff Four Game Modes to Make Learning Notes Fun!
Covers Notes on the Neck and Reading Music Covers Notes on the Neck and Reading Music
Extensive Options: Custom Tuning, Timed Play, Left-Hand Mode Extensive Options: Tuning, Timer, Left-Hand Mode...
Instrument and Game Stats to Track Your Progress Extensive Statistics to Track Your Progress!

Fret Tester is an online fretboard trainer for guitar, bass, and mandolin. It is a fast, fun way to learn the fretboard and quickly name the notes on the neck. It also covers reading music in standard music notation.

Modes of Play:

Name Note: A dot is shown on the neck and you name it (A, B, C#, etc.)

Find Note: A note name is shown and you pick from four locations on the neck.

Notation: A note is shown in standard notation and you must tap the onscreen fretboard in the correct location.

Notes on Staff: A note is shown in standard notation in treble or bass clef and you must name the corresponding letter. A great first step in learning to read music!

Whether you are new to reading music or are trying to improve in the upper positions, Fret Tester is the best way to master the fretboard.

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This game has been sooooo helpful i would recommend going through tab warrior first then to this one and just build up the knowledge till it becomes completely by habit i barely have to think of where i am on the neck anymore thanks to this game! Ryland Baumgart
Las Vegas, NV, U.S

I think site is brilliant as its helps me to practice notes either on fret or staff. I would learn music and I pretty sure this site will help me.This would save paper and ink in long run. So thank you and keep up good work. Miss Caroline Sheetz
Plymouth, Devon, England

After 35 years of teaching in college and private guitar lessons I've never come across a better tool than William Wilson's Fret Tester for fretboard memorization while learning music notation! I'll be sure to send all my students to this site and get in on the brilliant learning tools and games!Peter Pupping,
Encinitas, CA

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