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Nice games, thanks for sharing with our members! I think guitarists of all ages who are game freaks will really enjoy these; and certainly kids. Could be good motivation for learning the staff and the fretboard more quickly. The more tools like this that a teacher can have to inspire a student, the better! Good work. Martha Masters
Executive VP and GM,
Guitar Foundation of America

Fret Tester is a no nonsense game that will help guitarists find notes on the guitar neck and master the guitar fretboard. Whether you are looking to improve your sight reading and learn the notes in the higher positions or just starting out learning the notes in the first position Fret Tester can help.

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Note Locations

Finding notes on the guitar (especially in the higher positions) takes much repetition and patience. By isolating the intellectual part of finding the notes the process of learning them will accelerate. Fret Tester is an improved version of the original game William Wilson developed in his teenage years to learn the notes all the way up the neck. If done consistently it will pay off.

Now as to where the notes are located, has developed a chart to assist you. Click on the picture below for a pdf Fretboard Chart to use while first using the game.

Note Chart PDF

The Game

Fretboard Game

The game is very simple. A note is shown at the top of the page, you must click on the fret corresponding to the note shown. If it is a note that corresponds to an open string click on the nut of the correct string (see the arrow with the word "Open"). If you click on the right fret you get points, if you click wrong one you lose points. If you do click wrong you will notice that the "show answer" is then enabled to show you the correct location if you are having difficulty. In case you were wondering, yes the cursor is a finger, get it just like you would put on the guitar, clever eh?


Guitar Fretboard Report

Reports are a great way to chart your progress on Fret Tester. They can help pinpoint problem areas and gauge improvement . Teachers love them since students can print them and bring them to lessons to show their progress. Students benefit from them because it helps them complete their goals. The Reports show your strength on the fretboard and summarize each position and string. For more information on reports visit the Reports Page.


Guitar Fretboard Game Settings

The Settings page allows you to pinpoint an area of the guitar to work on. This is handy if you are having trouble with the notes in only one area, or are just learning and only know the notes on the first few strings. You can chose strings one through six or any combination you desire. There are three positions to chose from: 1st, 5th, and 9th. You can chose one or all depending on what you need to work on. Also you can chose to include sharps and/or flats.

IntelliQuiz Mode

Intelligent Quiz Mode drastically speeds up the learning process. While in Intelligent Quiz Mode Fret Tester will focus your time by emphasizing those areas of the neck for which you have made errors. This means you spend less time going over stuff you already know and more time learning new material. Intelligent Quiz Mode has three levels where it allows for some influence or a strong influence or no influence (off). You can select the level of influence on the Settings page.

New Game

Click to get started or to restart during a game. (Note: For restarts your score will then be reset to 0)

Submit Score

If you have a really high score, click the "submit score" button. If it ranks in the top 5 it will be shown on the "hi scores" page.

High Scores

Lists the top five scores. (See Submit Score section on how to get your score listed)


Points are awarded depending on the settings you choose and the area of the neck you click on. The more strings, positions, and notes (by including sharps and flats) you include in the Settings page, the more points you get per click. Also notes in 5th position are worth twice the notes in 1st position and the notes in 9th position are worth three times the notes in first position


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