Chart Creator Tutorial

1. Log into and go to the Super Scale Trainer. Choose“Basic” for the difficulty level.

Choose Basic Mode

2. Choose “Guitar” for the display mode.

Choose Guitar

3. Select “Chart Creator” for the activity and “Octave” for the screen mode.

Select Chart Creator

4. Do not select songs (It's not available for Chart Creator anyway).

5. Select “Bb” for the root. (In Chart Creator mode you need to choose a root, but you don't select a scale type.)

Select Bb

6. Click on “Start”.

7. Erase “Untitled”.

Erase Untitled

8. Type in a title for the scale.

Enter Title

9. Click on a “Bb” on the fretboard. You'll see a yellow circle appear and hear a “Bb”.

Click on a Bb

10. Click on it again. This time it disappears.

Click again to remove

11. Click on it a third time and it appears again. Now add several other notes.

Add Notes

12. Click “Play” to hear the scale.

Click Play

13. You can also print the chart, clear all the notes, undo, and redo.

Click Print

Prints Pretty!

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