Game Mode Tutorial

Learning Scales is Fun! - Step by Step Instructions on using Super Scale Trainer for Guitar

1. Load up Super Scale Trainer and choose “Basic”.

Basic Mode

2. Select the Guitar View

Guitar, Note Names, or Piano

3. Choose Game Mode for the activity and Octave for the area of the neck.

Game Mode

4. Make sure “Songs” is NOT selected.

Song Mode

5. Choose “A” as the root and “Minor Pentatonic” as the scale. (Normally you would choose more than one root or scale)

Roots, Scales, Arpeggios, and Intervals

6. Click “Start”.

Start button

7. The game page will then come up.

Game page

8. In “octave” mode you can enter a scale anywhere on the neck, just so long as it adds up to one octave. Let's start by entering the “A” on the sixth string fifth fret. To enter simply click on the desired fret and string.

Guitar Neck

9. Continue to enter the notes in the scale.(The last note is not shown in the image below, but it would be fourth string seventh fret.)

A Minor Pentatonic

10. You got it! A nice little note comes up congratulating you and the scale plays.

Got It!

11. Now let's try “Position Mode”. Click on Menu to return to the settings screen.

12. Select “position” for question three.

Position Mode

13. Let's try this one with the CAGED reference showing. Click on the check box marked “show CAGED”. (CAGED is a system of basing all scales and arpeggios on the basic chord shapes of C A G E D, it works really well, like a skeleton for your scales).

CAGED system

You'll see green lights appear on the fretboard. These correspond to the “A major” chord that is in that area of the neck.

14. Enter ALL the notes that appear in that position. (In “position” mode you must enter ALL notes in the area of the neck you have chosen. Often that means the root is not the lowest note).

Guitar Fretboard

If you ever wonder how many notes you need to enter you can always check the counter:


15. A few other options worth mentioning: Show Answer, Submit Score, and Left-Hand Mode. Click on “Show Answer” if you are ever stumped and it will show all possible answers. When you have been playing for ten hours straight and have the highest score anyone has seen on any game ever, feel free to click on "Submit Score" so that the rest of the world can “ooh” and “ah” at your name on the high score board. And for all you left hand guitar players out there, we haven't left you out (Nice pun eh?). Click on “LH Mode” to see the neck from your point of view.

Left Hand Guitar View

16. And finally when all else fails don't be afraid to ask for help. Through out the scale trainer there are little blue help circles should you wonder what anything does.

Help Circles

That's it. Have fun!