Note Name Mode Tutorial

In addition to learning the location of scales on the guitar it is important to know Music Theory by note names. Super Scale Trainer provides Note Name mode especially for this purpose.

1. Log into and open Super Scale Trainer. Choose the “Basic” mode of play.

Choose Basic Mode

2. Choose “Note Names” for your instrument view.

Choose Note Name view.

3. Choose “Game Mode” and “Octave”,

Choose Game Mode and Octave

4. Do not select Songs.

Do not select Songs

5. Select “A” as the root and “Major” for the scale. (In real play pick more than one scale / root.)

Choose A major.

6. Click “Start” and the game screen comes up.

Note Name Game Mode Screen

7. Click on “A” and it will light up.

Click on A

8. Select the remaining notes in “A major”. (B C# D E F# G#)

Click the remaining notes in A major.

9. A message should come up congratulating you on your expertise. In regular play another scale should come up, but since we only chose “A major”, it comes up again.

Congratulations message

10. Have fun!

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