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Scale Trainer Modes

The first thing you'll notice about Super Scale Trainer is that there are a ton of options. This page should help you make sense of these options. The first choice you need to make is between “Advanced” and “Basic” mode. The only difference between the two is the number of scales, arpeggios, and intervals you can choose between. The Advanced mode is jam packed with scales, where as the basic removes the clutter making it easier to use.

Guitar, Piano, and Note Name View

Piano View
Piano ViewNote Name View

In addition to the guitar fretboard, Scale Trainer can be used with the Piano keyboard as well as simple Note Names.

Game Mode

Scale Trainer Game Mode

In game mode your job is to enter the correct notes for the given scale / arpeggio. For instance if the scale is "C major" then you need to enter the notes C, D, E, F, G, A, B, and C, in that order. Once you've entered them the game will give you points and move on to another question. (No one said this was going to be a fun game.) If you are using the guitar you have a few extra options. You can choose to enter two octaves of the scale / arpeggio or you can choose a position on the guitar. If you choose a position then you need to enter EVERY single note that qualifies for that position. Quite often that means the lowest note is not the root.

Reference Mode

Scale Trainer Reference Mode

In reference mode the trainer acts as a high-tech scale dictionary. It can show all available notes on the guitar neck (octave mode) or all notes in a position (position mode). It can also be used with the piano keyboard or note names. Select print if you want a printed version.

Play-Along Mode

Scale Trainer Play-Along Mode

Play-Along Mode is great for learning scales, improvisation training, and speed study. With Play-Along Mode a set of playback controls and options appears. The basic idea is that the Scale Trainer plays the scale one note at a time and you play along with it. As the trainer plays it lights the note being played. There are options for repeating each scale, changing the speed and direction, and applying patterns. This is especially powerful tool for practicing improvisation when using our Song Writer (see below).

Chart Maker

Scale Trainer Chart Maker

If you need to create a quick custom chart to practice with our Chart Maker is just the thing. With it you can select exactly which notes you want displayed and what to name it. Prints out pretty too.

Song Writer

Scale Trainer Song Writer

With game, reference, and play-along mode you can also write your own song / progression to follow. That way the game predictably cycles through a series of scales / arpeggios of your choosing. Say you wany to learn Coltrane's “Giant Steps”. Enter all the necessary scales / arpeggios for that song and you can play the game with just those scales / arpeggios. With a song like “Giant Steps” you might need to play the game about a bazillion times. (Without the Super Scale Trainer it would have been 3 bazillion).

That should be enough to wet your appetite, if you want more details on anything check out the other tutorials.

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