Piano MEGA Tutorial

Game Mode

1. Log into GuitarGames.net and open Super Scale Trainer. Choose the “Basic” mode of play.

Choose Basic.

2. Choose“Piano” for the instrument view.

Choose Piano Mode.

3. Select “Game Mode” for the activity and “Octave” (It's your only choice anyhow.)

Select Game Mode and Octave

4. Do NOT select Songs.

Do not select Songs.

5. Choose “A” for the root and “Major” for the scale. (Normally you would want to choose more than one scale / root.)

Choose A major.

6. Click on “Start” to begin. When the game page comes up click on an “A” key.

Click on an A

7. Click on the remaining notes in the scale (B C# D E F# G# A). A little note of congratulations comes up and your on to the next scale. Normally you would have chosen more than one scale / root so it would have been something other than “A major” again.

Song Writer

8. Return to the settings menu. Select Song Mode and the “Blues in C” song.

Select Song Mode.

9. Click on “Start” and the game screen comes up again. However this time the game will cycle through the arpeggios for the “Blues in C.” Start by entering the “C7” arpeggio.

Enter the Arpeggios

10. Keep working through all the arpeggios in the key. If you get stumped you can always choose “Show Answer”.

Reference Mode

11. Return to the settings menu. This time select “Reference Mode” for the activity.

Reference Mode for piano

12. You will see the first arpeggio in the song come up. Click on “Next” to cycle through the rest of the piece. You can also print out a copy if you want.

Arpeggios in Reference Mode.


13. Return to the settings menu. Choose “Play-Along” for the activity.

Choose Play-Along Mode.

14. Click “Start” and the Play-Along screen comes up.

Piano Play-Along Screen

15. Click on “Play” or press the “S” key. (That's “S” as in Start and Stop). You'll hear a count off then hear and see the arpeggio being played.

16. Stop the playback by clicking the “Stop” button or pressing the “S” key. Try experimenting with the settings. You can change the speed and direction, have each scale / arpeggio repeat, and apply different patterns to the scale rather than just straight up and down.

Chart Maker

17. The last stop on our Piano Mega Tutorial is the Chart Creator. Return to the settings page and choose “Chart Creator”.

Choose Chart Creator

18. Choose Bb for the root and click on “Start” to enter the Chart Creator.

Choose Root.

19. Enter a new scale name in the text box and click on various keys. (Clicking on a key once activates the key, clicking on it again deactivates it.) Click “Play” to hear your beautiful scale creation or “Print” to immortalize it on a piece of paper.

That's it. You may also want to visit the tutorials on Note Names and the Song Writer as they might prove useful to you piano types. Have fun!

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