Reference Mode Tutorial

1. Log into and Super Scale Trainer.

2. Select Basic Mode

Basic Mode

3. Choose Guitar for your preferred view.

Choose View

4. Choose Reference for your activity and octave for the area.

Choose Reference Mode

5. Do not select songs.

Not song mode.

6. Choose “C” for the root and “7” for the theory type.

Choose C and 7.

7. Click on “Start” and the reference screen comes up:

Reference Mode Screen Shot

8. In “octave” mode you will see all possible notes on the guitar for C7, but what if you only want to see the notes in one position? Click on “Menu” and let's try that instead.

9. When you are back choose “position” mode and choose position 5.

Choose position 5.

10. This time let's also try it with songs selected and choose “ii V I cycle”.

Choose ii V I cycle.

11. Click on “Start” and the reference screen comes up.

Scale Trainer Refernce Screen

12. Click on “Next” (it's below “Print”) and the next arpeggio in the song comes up:

Click on next.

13. If you want you can also print the charts using “Print”.

N.B. You may have noticed that these two charts are not in the 5th position as selected. This is because “force CAGED” was selected. With “force CAGED” the chart automatically adjusts to the nearest CAGED shaped.

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