Song Writer Tutorial

Song Writer Mode is a way for you to supply the order of scales and arpeggios the scale trainer uses. That way you can practice the scales and arpeggios you would need to use for the Blues, Rhythm Changes, or any song you choose. It works in conjunction with Game, Reference, and Play-Along Modes. The following tutorial explains how to use the Song Writer to create a song.

1. Log into and open Super Scale Trainer. Choose the “Basic” mode of play.

Choose basic

2. Click on “Song Writer”.

Click on Song Writer

3. The Song Writer page comes up.

The song writer page

4. Click on “New”.

Click on new

5. Enter “Rhythm Changes” for the title.

Enter Rhythm Changes

6. Select “Arpeggios” from the drop-down.

Choose arpeggios

7. Click on “C” for the root.

Choose C for the root

8. Select “maj 7” from the drop-down.

Choose maj 7

9. Click on “Add” and “C maj 7” appears in the song area.

Click Add

10. Follow the same procedure to add “A min 7”, “D min 7”, and “G 7”.

Add other chords

11. Select all by holding down the Shift Key and clicking on all the arpeggios (C maj 7 to G7).

Select all

12. Click on “Duplicate”. You should now see a duplicate of those four arpeggios appear for a total of eight arpeggios.

Click Duplicate

13. Add “C maj 7”, “C 7”, “F maj7”, “F min 7”, “E 7”, “A 7”, “D 7”, and “G 7”.

Add more chords.

14. Click on Save (Make sure you renamed the song before you press “Save”.) You should see “Rythm Changes” appear in the song drop-down.

Save the song

15. Now let's say you really wanted to learn the whole song in “G” and not “C”. Do you need to enter the whole song again? No, just use the transposer.

16. Select the whole song.

Select the whole song

17. Pick “Per 5 (7)” from the transposer drop-down.

Choose per 5

18. Hit “Transpose”. You'll see the whole song now in “G”.

Click transpose

19. Change the name to “Rhythm Changes in G” and click “Save”.

20. Go back to the main menu and try your new songs out. You can use them with Game, Reference, and Play-Along Modes. Have fun!

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