Tab Warrior is a guitar based space game that teaches one of the most valuable lessons a young guitar player could ever learn. Namely that tablature or TABs are evil things that will turn you into illiterate guitar players. They must be destroyed or they will get in your way down the road. Imagine if Shakespeare didn't know how to read or write. Would we still be performing his plays?

Also Tab Warrior teaches another moral lesson. The supremacy of fingerstyle playing over using a pick. Now don't get me wrong, there are some fantastic guitar players who use a pick. But, time and time again when I've met such players they lament that they can't play fingerstyle. Don't let that happen to you. In truth this game has very little educational value, but it's fun !

The Game

Tab Warrior Screen Shot

This is our hero, the guitar ship:

Guitar Ship

You move him around using the arrow keys. And you shoot with the space bar.

Here are the Enemies

The Evil Plectrum Ships
Pick Ship
The Dreaded TAB monster
TAB monster

High Scores

Should you score a ton of points and get the high score, after the game is over you will be given the option of saving that score, at which point the whole world will see your name on the high score list or the top of the game if you got first place!


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Wow, man. This game has TOTALLY made me more agro about my playing. I'm a mega warrior now.Mary Ann Carr
San Diego, CA, USA

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