A Fun Music Theory Drill

Nice games, thanks for sharing with our members! I think guitarists of all ages who are game freaks will really enjoy these; and certainly kids. Could be good motivation for learning the staff and the fretboard more quickly. The more tools like this that a teacher can have to inspire a student, the better! Good work. Martha Masters
Executive VP and GM,
Guitar Foundation of America

Why Learn Music Theory?

Because you want to understand music better. Because you want to be able to write your own music. Because you want to learn to improvise. Music Theory will do all this and more.

But, It's Too Boring...

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Music Theory has long been thought of as the “boring” side of music. Nothing could be further from the truth. Is writing a beautiful piece of music boring? How about creating the perfect solo? It's not music theory that is boring, it's the learning process that is usually boring. Enter GuitarGames.net, which makes the learning process fun!

Please Note: These instructions are intended to teach you how to play the game Music Theory Blocks.


First choose what you want to work on. You do this on the opening screen:

Music Theory Blocks Start Page

Members can choose from Intervals, Chords, and Scales, Trial Members can choose only from Intervals. Once you choose from these categories you can select a specific type (e.g. "major 2nd","Phyrgian",etc.) For a complete listing of the types see below. Then click on Start.

Music Theory Blocks

The game is fairly straightforward. Blocks fall from the top to the bottom. Each block has a note name on it. You can move the blocks using the arrow keys. Your job is to put blocks together that form the type you selected. Let's say you selected "Major Triad." Then you need to put together major chords. They can be in any key and in any position so long as they are in the correct order. For example:

Music Theory Blocks

When you put together correct blocks you receive points and the blocks disappear. You will then hear a demonstration of the type you picked (e.g. a major chord, dorian scale). The game ends when a block stack reaches the top.


There are three difficulty levels: Easy, Medium, and Hard. The Easy level tends to favor easier keys like C, D, E, F, G, and A, as the difficulty increases more difficult keys are added, including some using double-sharps and double-flats for hard mode.

High Scores

High Scores are kept for everyone who plays the game and can be viewed by selecting "High Scores." For members the game also keeps track of their personal best.


Every once in a while a UFO will fly be. This signals that the game is speeding up. That or the invasion is about to begin...


The following intervals, scales, and chords are included. Some of them are fairly obscure. Experiment with our Music Theory Calculator to get a handle on some of the tougher types.

Intervals Scales Chords

major 2nd
major 3rd
major 6th
major 7th

perfect 4th
perfect 5th

minor 2nd
minor 3rd
minor 6th
minor 7th

augmented unison
augmented 2nd
augmented 3rd
augmented 4th
augmented 5th
augmented 6th
augmented 7th
augmented 8th

diminished unison
diminished 2nd
diminished 3rd
diminished 4th
diminished 5th
diminished 6th
diminished 7th
diminished octave

major 9th
major 10th
major 13th
major 14th

perfect 11th
perfect 12th
perfect 15th

minor 9th
minor 10th
minor 13th
minor 14th

augmented 9th
augmented 10th
augmented 11th
augmented 12th
augmented 13th
augmented 14th
augmented 15th

diminished 9th
diminished 10th
diminished 11th
diminished 12th
diminished 13th
diminished 14th
diminished 15th



Major pentatonic
Minor pentatonic
Dominant pentatonic
Hindu pentatonic

Melodic minor
Lydian dominant
Altered dominant
Diminished whole tone
Locrian #2

Symmetrical dominant
Whole tone

Bebop major
Bebop dorian
Bebop dominant
Bebop lydian
Bebop lydian dominant
Bebop minor
Bebop minor no. 2
Bebop harmonic minor
Bebop melodic minor

Harmonic minor
Double harmonic
Harmonic major
Harmonic major #2
Lydian augmented
Ionian #5
Altered augmented
Lydian +2
Lydian +2 +6
Slonimsky no. 17
Slonimsky no. 18
Leading whole tone
Lydian minor
Lydian melodic minor
Mixolydian b6
Dorian b2
Aeolian dominant
Oriental dominant
Neopolitan major
Neoploitan minor

Major Triad
Minor Triad
Augmented Triad
Diminished Triad

maj 7
maj 6
add 9
maj 9
maj 6/9

min 7
min 6
min add9
min 9
min (maj7)
min 6/9

sus 7

System Requirements

Works with any computer (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.) with an internet browser (that's you if you are reading this) running flash player 8 or higher.
Chances are very good you won't need to install anything, but if you are experiencing difficulty visit Adobe's Flash Download Page.

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It`s good game, but would be glad to see some options to choose how many, and with witch triads I will play the game. For exemple I will choose two triads C,E,G and F,A,C and play... It will be useful from beginners to advanced players. Thanks!Hamo Salihbegovic
Sarajevo, Bosnia

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