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Guitar Games Screen Shots
  • Learn to read music.
  • Master the fretboard.
  • Play what you hear instantly with ear training.
  • Understand music better with theory.
  • Improve your practice and playing.

Games too hard? Not hard enough?

Guitar Games Screen Shots
  • Access the complete fretboard.
  • Isolate small areas to learn faster.
  • View Fretboard Progress Reports.
  • Intelligent quizzing - games learn your strengths and weakness.
  • More Scales & Arpeggios.

Learn more with our online courses.

Online Courses

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  • Learn the Guitar Neck in 10 Easy Lessons
  • Secrets of Successful Practice
  • Music Theory Adventure Guide (Summer 2009)

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Compared with Absolute Fretboard™, Ear Master Pro™, and Music Ace™.

Membership is an incredible value, with a complete fretboard trainer, music theory, and ear training program. Its fun guitar-centered approach is unlike any trainer available. Start making your practice fun again!

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