Name Every Note on the Guitar in 10 Easy Lessons!

Our method contains information that you won't find anywhere else, such as the three fretboard landmarks. This exclusive information will help you master the guitar neck in record time! -William Wilson, creator of

How well do you know the guitar neck?

Would you like to find notes instantly anywhere on the guitar neck? Do you want to improve your playing and open new musical possibilities? Very little experience is necessary to learn the notes on the guitar. Can you play a "G" chord? How about the introduction to Smoke On the Water? Then chances are you can learn the guitar neck. The two prerequisites are a strong desire to learn and the dedication to stick with it. Oh yeah, you also need a guitar and a membership at

How Do You Get Started?

Guitar Flash Card Game

Guitar Flash CardsGet Started by registering for a free membership. Try out a few of our games, like Guitar Flash Cards and Birds of Fretopia which are used in the 10 Lessons. Then signup for a membership, download the 10 Lesson E-book, and start learning all the notes on the guitar!

What will you learn?

This series of lessons will teach you all the note names on the guitar neck. It takes a unique and fun approach to learning the neck. But don't let the fun fool you. Behind our method is a well researched system that will have you learn and (here comes the important part) remember the guitar neck for the long term. The system does not cover reading music, forming scales, chords, etc. But, it will make learning and playing just about anything on the guitar a whole lot easier.

Why learn the note names on the guitar?

Knowing the neck allows players to be able to play music on any part of the guitar. It helps players make fewer mistakes and not get lost. It opens up new possibilities for writing music, scales and chords can be found with greater ease, and learning as well as remembering music is made simpler.

How do the lessons work?

This system was developed based on extensive research into how our memories work and how people learn. It teaches you the basic organization of music and how it applies to the guitar fretboard. The lessons combine online and written activities with playing the guitar. You will learn three landmarks on the fretboard and make use of easy devices for memorizing large amounts of information. This is not a “miracle product,” it is a solid approach to mastering the guitar fretboard.

Begin today! Do one lesson a day and you will be done in a week and a half. The lessons can also be spread out for those short on time. Each lesson should take between 30 to 45 minutes.

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I have been playing guitar for 20+ plus years as a hobby and have tried and failed to completely learn the notes on the guitar fretboard. Then came this lesson and in less than two weeks, I was able to find any note in any position without effort. I only wish I'd had this 20 years ago. Thanks. Michael Moore
San Antonio, Texas, USA

I have always underestimated the importance of learning the notes on the guitar neck maybe due to some teacher I had that taught me very well music theory but I had big difficulties finding notes on the guitar fretboard so I spent most of the time trying to read notes and that was very very hard to do for me ... When I start studying this course I thought it was for kids only, but I then realize that everyone can take advantage of it and even me with some difficulties with the English languages have made so much progress,now I can name notes in all guitar frets almost immediately!! It's a very useful course and I highly recommend it!! Marinella Casertano

I am 15 years old and I've been playing guitar for over 6 years now. Learning the fretboard was always something I knew I should learn but was avoiding because previous efforts and come up short. It seemed like the fretboard was an impossibly complex mass of notes. It was quite overwhelming. Then I decided to try this course, and it worked amazingly. It breaks down the fretboard into easy and understandable sections. Had I known learning the fretboard was going to be this easy, I would have done it years ago. After 6 days I was able to name ANY note on the fretboard. It is supposed to take 10 days but if you already know the notes in first position then you can skip right to lesson 4. The whole thing in less than a week! Awesome! Anthony

Best 20 bucks I'v spent this year.Charles Ward
Bryant, AR, USA

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